EDGE’s medical malpractice practice team helps clients stay up to date with the ever changing needs of the healthcare industry. Our experts use an inclusive approach when working with clients from the development of the case or patient-information handling strategy, medical record documentation and the oversight of the expert witness opinion. This approach helps clients have a comprehensive understanding of their threats and opportunities to prevent future claims.

With a combined overall experience of more than 30 years, our medical malpractice litigation practice group represents a variety of clients, including some of the most prestigious medical institutions on the island. This assures our clients that we have the capability to quickly identify, understand and address the medical issues as well as the legal issues that commonly arise in defending effectively during medical malpractice litigation.

Our experience includes the litigation of multiple complex matters relating to the defense of wrongful deaths, bodily injuries and damages. A significant number of cases we have litigated have been dismissed. Local courts have also ruled in our favor in a sizable number of motions for summary judgment, as well as successfully negotiated settlements favorable to our clients.